To see men set free from shame and condemnation and submitting to Jesus as Lord.


Our mission is to become Kingdom Men who submit to Jesus as King and bring his Kingdom here on Earth.


  1. Be honest with others and ourselves.

  2. Walk with integrity in all that you do, seen and unseen.

  3. Be someone others can trust.

  4. Leave the judgment to Jesus.

  5. Be better than you were yesterday.


At New Life, the Band of Brothers Men’s Ministry is first and foremost about loving Jesus. He is the ultimate example of what it means to be a man who functions with wholeness, love, strength, and resilience.

We want to be a place where other men can find community. Where men can find someone who will listen to them, sit and share in their suffering, rejoice in times of triumph, or kick back and watch the Thursday night football game. We are a place to find a Band of Brothers who will be in the trenches with you when life gets tough.

Growth is essential to our ministry. We seek to be better than we were yesterday. Sometimes it doesn’t always work that way, but that is our aim, and we hold each other to that standard. We want to provide a space where men can explore their skills and talents while enjoying life. You have been made in the image of God and have gifts and talents that are crucial to this world.


  • Yearly Men’s Retreat
  • Monthly Thursday Night Hangouts
  • Monthly Men’s Breakfast

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Men's Ministry Director: Bob Campbell